Helping Local Businesses Reach The Customers They Serve.

Why Choose Hanson Directory

Our company has published telephone directories for independent telephone companies since our inception in 1973. We currently publish 103 telephone directories for over 130 telephone companies located in 23 states throughout the country.

Why do so many telephone companies partner with Hanson Directory Service?

Hanson Directory Service produces high quality, state-of-the art, print and digital directories that both your telephone company and the communities that you serve can rely upon and truly be proud of. Hanson Directory Service provides personalized service. Most publishers are straying away from providing personalized, hands-on service to telephone companies and their subscribers. We feel that the local, individualized personalization of a directory creates a connection with the communities served. Hanson Directory Service strongly believes in both the short and long-term value of substantial on-site sales canvasses.

Sales tend to be increased, errors and omissions tend to be reduced and advertisers generally are more satisfied with consistent face-to-face interaction as compared to conducting business primarily by phone, letter or fax. Hanson Directory Service believes that strong advertising sales and profitability for your company from your directory go hand-in-hand. Our combination of consistently high quality products and extensive face-to-face interaction has proven to be invaluable in maximizing print and digital directory revenues and profitability for the telephone companies we represent.

Our team will go above and beyond to make the transition as seamless as possible should you ultimately choose to partner with Hanson Directory Service for your directory publishing needs. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to bid on your directory work and sincerely hope that you will find us to be a good fit with your organization, both now and well into the future.